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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Makes ya think....

So, we went to see "Social Networking" tonight, and it was a really great movie. It really got me thinking about my son's future; actually I've been thinking about that a lot lately for some reason. I want so much more for my son, than I ever had, which was nothing to look down at; I've had a pretty awesome life & been given way more than I deserve. I just want for him to grow up and think beyond the town we live in, or think beyond any "young-love" relationships.... Like I told Ryan tonight, I would not take back one minute that I've had with him for the past 11 years. It has been the best ride of my life & I hope it never ends. BUT, I want more than that for my son; I want him to experience life in a different way, I guess. I want him to experience things I never did, like living on his own--maybe even in a new and exciting, fast-pace place.... IF that's what he wants.

I guess I just think that growing up in our country, you're presented with so many opportunities that aren't usually taken advantage of---I want him to take advantage of what's out there. I don't want him to settle, or stay around home because "Mommy would be sad without him", or because of "some girl". I want him to follow his heart, be passionate, go somewhere exciting, do something, make a difference.... & I will support his every decision... even if it means it will make me sad.. I don't ever want to feel like I held him back from doing something that could change his life.....

Of course all parents think their child is the smartest, cutest thing in the world; I want Aiden to believe in himself and know that he can do anything.... I want him to live it!


  1. Great post, Mary! Welcom to blogspot! :)

  2. Thanks Hil! How'd you get your music player @ the bottom?? I can't move mine. Can you tell I'm using yours as an example? lol :)